Founding Myths in the New South Africa (2003)

Les mythe fondateurs de la Nouvelle Afrique du Sud

Thursday evening March 27, 2003

Opening ceremony :

Guest speaker :

Professor GERWEL, former Head of the Office of President Mandela


Friday morning March 28

Mr Lewis N'KOSI, Cape Town, (S.A.)Play-writer

Professor Robert SCHRIRE, University of Cape Town (S.A.)

" Founding myths of the new S.A. "

Professor Cecil ABRAHAMS, University of the Western Cape(S.A.)/University of Missouri (U.S.A.)

" Myth making in South African Literature and Society "

Dr Ian TAYLOR (University of BOTSWANA)

" The globalisation myth and the discourse of S.A.'s democratic transition "

Ms Mireille RABENORO, ENS, Université d'Antananarivo (Madagascar)

" 'The common humanity we share' - earlier visions of equality and solidarity as seen through the work of Christian missions in South Africa

Madame Marie-Claude BARBIER, ENS Cachan

" Le rapatriement de la Vénus hottentote "

Professeur Richard SAMIN, Université de Nancy 2

" Reappraising the myths of the New South Africa : Phaswane Mpe's Welcome to our Hillbrow "

Pr Russel KASCHULA, University of Cape Town (S.A. )

" Myth and Reality in the new South Africa: contemporary oral literature "


Friday afternoon March 28 : KwaZulu Natal worshop

Ms Henrietta DAX, Cape Town, Clarkes Bookshop (S.A.)

South African and KwaZulu Natal book display and presentation.

Dr Angela IMPEY, Ethnomusicologist, University of Natal, Durban (S.A.)

" 'Yazibamba Inyakanyaka' (Here I come with great presence !) The poetics of musical production in post-apartheid KwaZulu Natal "

Monsieur Ben LEBDAI, Université d'Angers

" John Ross/Chaka - Une mémoire réhabilitée "

Ms Annari Van der Merwe, Kwela Editions, Cape Town (S.A.)

" Recent publications : Family histories from the KwaZulu Natal "

Ms Joan WARDROP, Curtin University Australia

" Everything was different then : " fear of crime " and the " loss of the streets " on the Berea (Durban) in the new S.A. "


Saturday morning March 29

Ms Felan'Ando ALIDERSON, Université d'Antananarivo (Madagascar)

" The foundation fo the Malagasy nation on mythological concepts in Randria Joseph's Kabary "

Ms Catherine BOUDET, doctorante, Université de la Réunion, Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux

" L'arc-en-ciel comme mythe fondateur de la nation mauricienne "

Professeur Elise MARIENSTRAS, Université de Paris 7

" Mythes fondateurs de la nation américaine et de la nation française "

Ms Zoly RAKOTONIERA, Université d'Antananarivo (Madagascar)

" The founding myths of postcolonial Madagascar ; A Literary Perspective "

Professeur Bernard VINCENT, Université d'Orléans

" Pocahontas ou le revers mythique de la médaille "


Saturday afternoon, March 29

Monsieur Benoît DUPIN, doctorant, Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Bordeaux

" Rapport complexe du mythe de fondation avec la réalité politique et sociale "

Professor Anton EHLERS, University of Stellenbosch (S.A.)

" Legitimation of Afrikaner nationalism and its apartheid manifestation in the 20th century "

Dr Kate FLYNN, (S.A.)

" Re-Constructing South African Identity after 1994: Museums and Public History "

Professeur Robert GRIFFITHS, Université de Chambéry

" Religion and the TRC findings "

Ms Sonia GRIMAUD, doctorante, Faculté de Droit, Université de la Réunion

" Le principe d'égalité dans la Constitution sud-africiane de 1996 : théorie et illustration "

Dr Sabine MARSHALL, University of Durban Westville

" 'Lest we forget' : The " Struggle for Liberation " as Foundation Myth "

Professeur Pierre MAURICE, professeur émérite, Université de la Réunion

" Le mythe de la puissance économique de l'Afrique du Sud "

Mr Mandla LANGA, Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (S.A.)