Alizés n° 33

Old Days, New Days


Edited by Alain Geoffroy


Old Days

Abraham Lincoln :  un président pour temps de crise

Benjamin Franklin in Paris: a Protean   humorist at King Louis XVI’s court

Regressive Progression: the quest for  self-transcendence in Western Tragedy

Ritual and the Conversion of History: T.S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral and Wole Soyinka’s A Dance of the Forests

Veering from an Object at the Periphery to a Subject at the Center: Women’s Sexual Power and the Collapse of Masculinity in  Aristophanes’ Lysistrata  and Pinter’s The Homecoming

New Days

Cultural Tools and Literary Criticism:  The Place of Culture in the Assessment  of African-American Literature

Malcolm de Chazal and Hervé Masson: two avant-garde Mauritian artists, bearers of a national ideal, mauritianism

Masculinity and Ideology in Achebe’s Things Fall Apart

Running Head; Albee’s Treatment  of Contemporary Malaise in his  The Zoo Story and Everything in the Garden

Sierra Leone Horizons: Landscape in Syl Cheney-Coker’s Poetry

The Myth of Don Juan in André Brink’s  Before I Forget

Projections and Utopianism in Contemporary Australian Fiction: Toward an exploration of the Paranoid Mind

Des discours au discours didactique

Attitudes of Professional Users of English towards Cameroon English Accent

Cameroon Pidgin English:  to Teach or not to Teach

The implementation in the University  of Yaounde I of Cameroon's French-English official Bilingualism Policy

The Standard of English in Anglophone Cameroon New Writings